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The Christadelphians are a religious group of people who base their beliefs wholly on the Bible, regarding it as wholly inspired by God.  Christadelphians have no central organisation advising what to do and believe.  Rather, we are tied together everywhere by our distinctive beliefs which are freely and independently determined.  The Christadelphian community has borne the name “Christadelphian” since the latter half of the the 19th century.  The English name is intended to cover two ancient Greek words, ‘Christos adelphos’ which in English means ‘brethren in Christ’.  Prior to having a name, the group existed nameless, associated purely by a mutual understanding/interpretation of Scripture.  Christadelphians are to be found in countries all over the world.  They are bound together by a common faith in the Gospel preached by Christ and his apostles in the first century.

The Mount Waverley Christadelphians have around 80 members with a Sunday School exceeding 30.  We meet, read and study the Bible regularly and try to put its teachings into practice in our lives. Our main aim as a community is to keep God’s principles and to encourage and support people in reading the Bible and developing a relationship with God.
The Mount Waverley Christadelphians also enjoy a close association with other Christadelphians in and around Melbourne.  There are around ten Christadelphians halls/centres throughout Melbourne and many more centres scattered throughout regional Victoria, with whom with we gather from time to time for special fraternal events and for fellowship in conference events and general gatherings for all ages.  Christadelphians can be found throughout Australia in all capital cities and in rural Australia.

We welcome you to attend any of our meetings and look forward to assisting you in your search for Bible truth.

You can find out more about our beliefs in the link below.

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